Advent Laptop Virus Removal

Advent Laptop Virus Removal
Our Price:  £49.00

Brand:  Advent Laptop

Advent Laptop Virus / Ad-Ware / Spy-ware Removal Chester, UK

It's happened to all of us at some stage you click on a link or open an e-mail and your Advent laptop gets infected with a virus rendering it next to unusable.

When your Advent laptop becomes infected with a virus you will usually notice that your Advent laptop becomes slow or keeps crashing, strange things start to happen, suddenly some files are missing or antivirus programs keep saying that they are infected. Our in-store Advent laptop repair specialists are experts in the field of virus and spyware removal. You can rely on us to professionally clear your Advent laptop of any viruses.

If your Advent laptop has been running slower than usual, showing unexpected popups or advertisements, has been displaying error messages or locks up frequently, then you probably have some kind of spyware, malware or virus infections.

We can help, for fix price of just £49.00 we remove redirecting virus, rootkits, spyware, malware clean-up, and other malicious software from your Advent laptop and we will keep you up and running again.

Virus or Spyware Infection?

A virus is a malicious piece of computer code, which can spread through the Internet, e-mail, usb memory stick or even CD/DVD. Our technicians can remove most infections without damaging your data.

The Process:

At Cheshire Repair Centre we use specialist software and advanced manual methods to remove the virus from your Advent laptop. As part of this service our Advent laptop repair engineers will perform a full security check of your laptop, ensure you are using a reliable anti virus software package and configure your Advent laptop to safeguard against possible future infections. No one can guarantee your laptop won’t be infected again in the future but with our skills and know how, we’ll make sure the risk is reduced. We will only return your Advent laptop to you when we are satisfied it’s clean and secure.

Please be aware that whilst virus removal does give you the ability to retain all your software, programs and data intact after the removal your system may be quite slow which is why we will usually recommend a full OS Re-Install.

Walk-in Repair - Same -day Repair Service

If you would prefer to personally come in and drop off your mobile phone, tablet or computer for repair, our Chester walk-in repair centre offer a convenient and affordable express repair service . 

The concept behind the walk-in centres is simple: why wait for an appointment? We like the idea that you can just walk in off the street and say help! And, as we’re recognised as the fastest mobile device repairer in Chester, there’s no better place to bring your mobile phone, tablet Mac or PC.

Typically most mobile phones  are repaired in around 30-60 minutes*

Tablets are repaired in around 1-2 hours*

Simply drop of your device for repair and explore Chester City Centre while you wait. Full details about Chester's attractions are available here link

Our advanced repair system keeps track on the progress of your repair and will notify you by text message once it is ready


PLEASE NOTE: Timings are not guaranteed if there are complications during the repair and/or additional parts are required. While you wait service is not available for liquid damaged devices.

If you can't make it to our Repair Centre, we offer nationwide mail-in repair service for mobile phones, tablets, Apple Mac and PC's.

Firstly Order your repair online. Once your have proceeded through the checkout and made payment you will be automatically sent an order confirmation by email. This will contain your unique Order number.

Please print this out and include with your device in a box or padded envelope making sure it is properly protected. We recommend that you use Royal Mail’s Next Day Special Delivery service which is insured up to £500 and is fully trackable.

Then send it to: Cheshire Repair Centre 109 / Brook Street Chester Cheshire CH1 3DX

Once we receive the device we will start by inspecting the device, if the fault is as you described on the quote system (i.e if you selected a broken screen and this was correct), we'll repair and return your device as quickly as possible and keep you notified by email or text.

If the problem is more serious than expected we may need to contact you to advise you of a new price, and get your authority to continue. Once we have completed the repair we will return your device using Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery.

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