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Express 2 hour fast turn-around iPad Repair Service 

If you are looking to get your Apple iPad repaired, we offer full in-house repair service for Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad 2, 3 and 4 and iPad Mini. At Cheshire Repair Centre. We use most advanced bonding technique in replacing broken iPad touch screens.

We stock wide range of original Apple iPad spare parts, we could help fixing your iPad today. whether you have dropped or damaged your iPad screen, can't get it charged or if you damaged the outer casing we have precision tools to repair your iPad to its original shape and make it look like new

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Learn More About iPad Specific Problems

iPad Cracked Screen
If your Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 or iPad 2 front glass touch screen is broken, shattered or unresponsive but iPad LCD internal screen appears to be ok, we will replace your cracked iPad screen with brand new Apple iPad touch screen glass digitiser.

What is a touch screen / digitizer?
The touch screen is the front glass that sits over the LCD (internal screen). The touch screen job is to detect and map your fingers movements across the screen and let the iPad know where your finger is.
The iPad touch screen sits on top of the LCD (internal screen), they rarely malfunction but are very susceptible to impact damage, scratches and cracks.

Common faults / issues with iPad touch screen include:

  • Touch screen no longer responding - if you can se the picture ok but the device is not responding to touch

  • Touching the screen causes unexpected or erratic movements - this will require a replacement touch screen

  • Impact damage - glass digitizers are very easily damaged, generally the will crack or shatter - depending on the extent of the damage it may still work but in not advisable due to safety

  • As the touch screen sits directly above the LCD (internal screen) some impact damage can also cause damage to the LCD.

  • The general rule is that if the screen is cracked but the picture device is displaying a picture as normal you will just need to replace the iPad touch screen.

iPad Broken LCD (internal screen) no picture - image, line
If your have Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 or iPad 2 touch screen is not damaged, but if you see black lines or blurry spots on (LCD) the screen underneath the touch screen then the LCD will be damaged and need replacing.

What is an LCD?
The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displays the image on your iPad using the same technology as most flat screen TV's. LCD units are generally very fragile and susceptible to damage.

Common faults / issues with LCDs include:

  • Screen looking washed out, very dull colours and less clarity then usual
  • Dead pixels - When a pixel on the LCD no longer works, usually visible on a white background it will be a tiny black square
  • Stuck Pixel - When a pixel is stuck on a colour, usually visible on any background and will generally be stuck on white, green, blue or red
  • No backlight - When the backlight on the LCD fails the picture can be very hard to see
  • Lines on the LCD - these can be a verity of coloured lines displaying horizontally or vertically
  • Damaged LCD, generally damaged LCDs can be bruised, cracked or "bleeding" when a black liquid is visible over the picture

iPad Doesn’t Charger
If your iPad Pro iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 or iPad 2 isn't charging or synchronizing with your computer iTunes, there could be a fault with iPad Air charging connector.

If you experience a problem with your iPad lighting dock port socket, whether it is not charging or it charges only when you push/wiggled the charging connector, we are here to help

Common faults / issues with iPad charging port:

  • iPad won't turn on

  • iPad won't charge up when plugged into power adapter

  • iPad doesn't sync / charge when plugged into computer

  • iTunes isn't recognizing iPad when plugged into computer

iPad Power Button Not Working
If your iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 or iPad 2 sleep/wake button isn’t working properly or if your iPad on/off button stuck and stop working or working intermittently, common issue with these parts are due to broken internal flex cable, this cable connects power button, and volume buttons, mute/silent switch and vibrate/ring switch to logic board.

iPad Home Button Not Working
When a home button on your iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 or iPad 2 doesn't function or stiff, the usability of the device can be severely crippled.
Whether your iPad home button is not working, stuck or you have to press the home button several times, very hard to get it respond, we can get it fixed in as little as 45 minutes.

iPad  Headphone Jack Faults
If your iPad headphone jack socket is not responding to an input device or a headphone adapter has jammed, stuck or broken off inside the jack and you are unable to hear sound with the iPad headphones, the iPad headphone jack flex will need to be replaced.

Why would you need iPad headphone jack repair?

  • Headphone jack is broken inside of the device

  • Headphone jack jammed or stuck

  • You only get sound when you insert headphone jack partially

  • Sound is only coming out from one side

  • You can't hear any sound at all

  • iPad gets stuck and thinks it has regular earphone or ear buds connected to device when this happens you can’t hear any sound from the external speaker

iPad Battery Won’t Charge
If your iPad won’t turn on or isn’t charging it’s likely either a battery or charging port issue, whether your iPad is not receiving a charge, taking too long to charge, or simply running out of battery power quicker than normally, we can help.

How to get the most out of your new battery:

  • Try and give your battery a full charge / discharge as often as possible, run the battery all the way down and fully charge - this will help condition the battery

  • Avoid partial charges

  • Avoid constant trickle charges (such as USB charging)

  • Please be aware that all new batteries need an initial couple of full charge cycles (Full charge / discharge) before reaching maximum performance

iPad Wi-Fi Antena Not Working
If you are finding it hard to get reliable Wi-Fi signal on your apple iPad or your iPad is having trouble connecting over Wi-Fi or holding onto a connection, your iPad  Wi-Fi antenna may be beginning to fail, If this is the case our in house repair service will fix these issues for you.

iPad Camera Stopped Working
Does the front or back camera on your iPad no longer take pictures, takes fuzzy pictures or if you are experiencing problem such as blurry images or lines through your pictures, you may have damage over the lens area of your iPad camera, If so your  iPad  camera is no longer working correctly and we will replace it with a brand new iPad  camera module.

iPad Water Damage Inspection
If your Apple iPad has been damaged by water, we can take expert look and do all we can to find best solution to the problem. Our iPad water damage repair service, includes an ultrasonic cleansing bath this allows us to clean the liquid damaged iPad suffering with board level oxidisation, corrosion or maybe sticky liquid having dried or evaporated leaving a conductive residue on the iPhone logic board.

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