Apple Repairs

We specialise in Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Mac repairs and upgrades and provide a cost effective repair solution for wide range of hardware and software problems. If you are looking for a fast efficient and affordable Apple repair or upgrade service, look no further.

We fix and upgrade just about any Apple products right here in our Cheshire Apple Repair Centre by our in house repair technicians. If you are experiencing problem with your Apple device, whether you've damaged iPhone, iPad or iPad screen, power problems, water damage, stuck power or home button, dead battery, can't get it to charge, speaker problems or what ever the case, we offer same-day Apple repair service, with over 95% of our iPhone, iPad and iPod repairs completed within one hour.

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Some of the most common Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod problems that we deal with on a daily basis include;

Apple iPhone, iPod & iPad Cracked, Damaged or Broken Screen 
cracked unresponsive touch screen or if your Apple device switches on but you can't see anything or internal display screen LCD looks as if it has leaking ink marks or vertical / horizontal lines.

Apple iPhone, iPod & iPad Doesn't Charge, Broken, Loose, Bent or Pushed in  Charging Connectors.
If you are unable to connect your Apple, iPod or iPad charger due to bent, broken or pushed in lighting charging port or your Apple  device experience some type of liquid damage and it's not powering on any more, we are here to help.

Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Microphone issue - People Can't Hear Me
Your Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad microphone maybe worn out, damaged or broken when any following issues occur, when making a call or receiving one if the caller can't hear you, but you can hear the caller, or your voice is distorted to the caller.

Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Power Button Doesn't Work, Stuck - Can't Power On / Off 
If your Apple iPad, iPod or iPhone power button is stiff or not functioning correctly if your phone turning on off randomly or won't turn on anymore, it's often caused by failure of Apple device power button (on/off switch). A broken power button of Apple mobile phone is mostly fixed by replacing power flex or switch.

Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Ear Speaker issue - Can't hear anyone, but they can hear me
if you are unable to hear the caller anymore or that you're constantly cutting out, it’s more than likely your earpiece speaker is faulty or broken.

Apple iPhone & iPad SIM Card Not Working / Not Detected 
If your iPhone SIM is not been recognised and it was previously and you can't connect to a network anymore this could be caused by faulty SIM reader in your iPhone.

Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Battery Running Down too Quickly
If your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad battery takes longer to charge or runs out off power too quickly or if you notice the battery swelling or expanding we can replace your battery within 2 hour.

Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Loud Speaker issue - There is No Sound Coming From My speaker
If you don't hear any sound coming out of your Apple iPhone when receiving phone calls or listening music, playing game or watching video, this can be caused by faulty loudspeaker component.

Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Headphone Jack problem - Can't hear via headphones.
If you've been having problems listing to music through headphones on your Apple device or if your Apple device does not detects your earphone/headphone due to damaged, jammed, stuck or broken headphone jack or if iPhone headphone jack only plays sound through only left or right ear your may need replacement headphone jack.

Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod  Switches on But I Can't See Anything
If you have dropped your Apple device and you can hear your phone switching on, text messages, calls and music but screen is blank or LCD screen (internal display screen) looks as if has leaking ink mark or lines you will need LCD screen replacement.

Being based in Chester means we are in easy reach of all the surrounding areas including:

Apple Repair Dodleston, Apple Repair Mold, Apple Repair Buckley, Apple Repair Broughton, Apple Repair Saltney, Apple Repair Deeside, Connah’s Quay, Apple Repair Wrexham, Apple Repair Ellesmere Port, Apple Repair Neston, Apple Repair Heswal, Apple Repair Waverton, Apple Repair Holt, Apple Repair Malpas, Apple Repair Tarporley, Apple Repair Bunbury, Apple Repair Nantwich, Apple Repair Winsford, Apple Repair Nortwich, Apple Repair Knutsford, Apple Repair Lymm, Apple Repair Appleton, Apple Repair Warrington, Apple Repair Elton, Apple Repair Helsby, Apple Repair Frodsham, Apple Repair Saughall, Apple Repair Wirral, Apple Repair South Wirral, Apple Repair Mollington, Apple Repair Flint, Apple Repair Buckley, Apple Repair Higher Kinnerton, Apple Repair Penyford, Apple Repair Alderleyedge, Apple Repair Wilmslow.

For those based further afield, make the most of our mail-in repair service; send us your device and we will fix it and send it back the same day that we receive it.